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This Is Sausalito Optometry

Comprehensive, tech-driven eye care. A library of designer frames. An approach that supports your lifestyle.

At Sausalito Optometry, our vision is to help you achieve more than just clear sight. Whether we’re addressing dry eye symptoms, fitting you for contact lenses, or updating your prescription, we’re here to protect, preserve, and celebrate your vision.

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Alleviating Dry Eye

We get it. Living with dry eye can be tough.

That’s why we personalize our treatment plans to fit your needs and lifestyle. Whether we’re using in-office treatments like OptiLight or provide you with strategies to use at home, our approach is unique to you.

Our mission? Providing you with relief from those dry eye symptoms so you can see the world with clarity and comfort. Find relief today!

Dry Eye Therapy

Our Location

It’s hard to miss us! We’re located on Caledonia Street in a redesigned 1940s gas station, just across the street from the Sausalito Police Department.

Our Address

  • 33 Caledonia St.
  • Sausalito, CA 94965

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